GR company was founded in 1978 and is deeply enrooted in the wood artisan world.
Product design is inspired by the most beatiful shapes of our past. Furniture is entirely made of wood, and offers perfect solutions in our daily modern life.
After succesful first years of operations, characterized by the production of tables, cupboards and madias in acacia, the firm was able to rank medium-high sector in the market and decided to enlarge its product range, manufacturing the first model of modular kitchens. In a short time GR saw itselft growing and growing, becoming an Industry specialized in furniture, with 20 workers employed in its new site production.
They know time passes and tastes change, for this reason they decided to replace acacia with other types of wood, such as chestnut, fir and walnut and, at the same time, they enlarged their production range.
The 80s-90s were characterized by a high demand on Poor Art furniture (Tradition Line).
Year after year, GR had been able to spread its name throught the whole Italic peninsula, becoming a synomin of quality and craftsmanship.
It was one of the first firms in Italy to manufacture brick wall kitchens, producing all their components such as walls, tiled tables etc., offering customers exclusive modular furniture.
Giaconi & Raponi means long-lasting and current products.